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In the evening at around
6:45pm My uncle
asked me to shower before
going out to the
next street for the food. I
opened the water
system on my head and was
enjoying the
water fall on my head. As I
was bathing, I
heard my uncle and uncle
JAY-JAY discussing
so I stopped the shower
and I could hear
clearly their conversations
Uncle JAY-JAY: that your
brother looks exactly
like you
Uncle Richard: yes, people
used to say he is
my photocopy.
I was like ***mtcheew, eeni
‘se***. I left the
bathroom to see my uncles
are already set to
go out. Uncle richard was
dressed in a short
sleeve shirt and a penciled
mouth jean on a
palm slippers while uncle
dressed in a round neck
navy blue top and a
brown penciled mouth
shinos also on a palm
slippers. Both wearing a
nice perfume. I
assessed both of them from
head to toe and
with the way they were
dressed, I suspected
both of them to be
“shinamalia” but I kept
mute and observing how
everything dey go. I
also dressed cool in a white
v-neck top, a red
jordan cap and a blue
penciled mouth jean
on a white polo ralph
We all entered car and we
were going to the
next street. As we were
going hip-hop music
was just coming from all the
speakers of the
car till we got to the
It was a very busy canteen
that we had to
waited till the crowd with
the woman were
reduced. We remain
reserved as one of the
sales girl came to us to ask
for what we cared
for. My uncle faced me to
ask if I would be
eating the food there or I
buy it and take it
home and I chose the latter
after considering
the factor of the wire of
hunger that would
beat me if I eventually sleep
Uncle Richard : would you
be eating it here or
you’d take it home?
Me: No sir, I would take it
Uncle Richard: but why?
Me: I might sleep late and
might be hungry
Uncle Richard: Don’t worry,
you’d eat it here
and I promise you won’t be
hungry even if
you sleep late.
Me: okay sir.
As this was going, I Noticed
a text just
entered my phone. I
checked it and whao!, it
was a text from NESTLE
telling me to come
for an aptitude test on
saturday at 9:00am. I
showed the message to my
uncle and he
smiled as if he was the one
that sent it. I was
so happy as if it was a text
that I should come
and start the work. I started
anticipating the
exam day like the coming of
jesus christ.
Uncle richard said he should
be travelling on
Friday evening before but
because of my test
he’d have to wait till
saturday afternoon.
As we were seated
discussing while waiting
for our food, I sighted from
afar someone
bearing the same
resemblance with the girl
that I saw in the bus to
agbara walking on the
other side of the road but to
the direction of
the canteen where we were
seated. As she
walked closer and directly
opposite to the
canteen I could see her face
weller and she
was the same girl. Then I
heard a group of
three guys eating next to us
discussing about
her so I concentrated as if it
was a 5unit
course so as to gain more
info about her.
1st Guy: you know that girl?
2nd Guy: she just came to
this area
3rd guy: and the girl is so
beautiful o
1st Guy: do you know
where she stays?
2nd Guy: sure, she stays at
one painted
upstairs down the road
with her friend
1st Guy: you dis guy you get
craze o. You don
know all her C.V finish. you
know her state of
2nd guy: You dey craze, so
you mean say I no
get work right?
They all laughed it out as
they stood up to
have there leave.
I was so happy for the little
info that the guys
had just given me indirectly
about her…..
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