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   Episode 4

On getting out to the main road, I tried Mr femi's number but he wasn't picking calls, I tried Adenike's number and it wasn't reachable. I was confused on where to go first. Should I visit my Adenike girlfriend first?, what if she is in trouble or she had been attacked? or I should go to Mr femi's house?, or I should go to meet labake?, I was standing alone thinking then my phone rang. It was labake, she called to remind me of our appointment and also warned me not to involve anyone and
reminded me of the surveillance monitoring me.. I was scared again and had goose pimple immediately after the call. "**onihaxy!, which kind trouble you come put yourself into?!.  I got to the round-about at 10:44am, I called labake to inform her that I was around but she wasn't picking calls. I was scared as I was alone at the junction with the fear that I'm not safe.  At 11am, I didn't see anyone, labake wasn't picking calls, I waited for the next 15minutes and there was no sign of labake and she wasn't picking calls, I turned back and was about going home when a bike parked beside me as if I stopped him. BIKE-MAN:"Climb the bike" ME: What for?, who are you? BIKE-MAN: "The person you are waiting for sent me to pick you" ME: Who is the person?, did I tell you I'm waiting for someone?. BIKE MAN: ****his phone rang, he picked it and gave it to me**** Climb the bike, "labake's voice." The bike man rode pass Adesida road, passed through oyemekun road and took me inside A&T hotels. He dropped me inside the hotel compound and left without saying any word. I was not comfortable and I couldn't picture what was going on. Suddenly my phone rang and it was a Private number and I picked. ME: hello, who is this? CALLER: Mr femi, just listen to me carefully. Ensure that parcel is safe with you, I will call you later to tell you where to bring it to. If you fail to deliver it, you will be killed. And take this warning. No one must know about our communication, including your boss at work, if you breach this warning, consider yourself DEAD.***Hanged up*** I stood still with my mouth wide opened and clueless as I was still holding the phone on my ear. Suddenly, a young lady tapped me from the back and said "follow Me".
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