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    I woke up one morning to see my family happy once again ,and it was a joyful day for me because it was my 18th birthday and my dad was coming back from  london ( where he had been for over eight months )......... "OH MY GOD" seeing my family coming together again as my mum as talking to sisiter anita without  rising her voice at her,.... and anuty joy playing play station [PS] with Emeka for the first time in 3years ............. i couldnt hide the joy in me as i  went on my knees to Thank GOD .....
   For the first time in 3years my mum called everyone "the entire family" to the dinning table for breakfast....."Oh my God " i couldnt believe my eyes ,...  my family comintg togther again as one  "was like a dream i never wanted to wake up from"
   Seeing my family eating togther  was something i have always prayed for , even though my dad was not around to change things ,i always knew God will and things swill work out well someday.....  My sister "sister anita" suprised me with a guesT artist "TOPZY " All the way from Ghana to sing/Rap on my birthday "how did she even knew ma favourite artist was a ghanaian " .......
  After the meal my mum Gave me "the world biggest and closest hug" i never epected  and here she goes "Am very sorry things have not been going bwell in this family, i dont know what came over me and pushed me to breaking it apart , but today am standing here before you all proud and happy happy to tell you all that i woke up today without the evil spirte" ... as she cried and asked for our forgiveness ....... ‎
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