[Story] LOVE AND VIRGINITY Episode 9

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Through my mom’s connection, I was able to
secure a very profitable job in one of the
biggest oil companies in Nigeria, in just 3
weeks after my youth service. The company
made arrangements for me to travel to the U.S
for a 10 months managerial course. I only
wished I could tell the
good news to Tope, but there was no means,
she didn’t have a phone, she wasn’t on social
media and not even an email account,
Few days later I traveled to Texas, U.S. It was
a wonderful learning experience and I was well
taken care of. I met people from different
parts of the world and I had a great time. At
the end of
the exercise, I returned back to Nigeria and
following day I was a*signed to the position
of an a*sistant manager. I had my own office
and desk, it was too good to be true. My
salary was wow!! My life was beautiful.
After 3 months of working I was able to
acquire a brand new car. I could afford any
luxury that I wanted. My fashion changed, I
got lots of cool natives and suits, expensive
wrist watches, perfumes… I didn’t know how to
spend my money, every month it kept on
growing in numbers and since I wasn’t really
an out going type with only few friends I had
a huge savings.
A former course mate at the University was
having a wedding. I was invited and I felt it
was a very good opportunity for me to meet
up with
good old friends. I came late for the church
wedding so I took a back seat and shortly
after the church ceremony ended and we all
dispersed to the reception not too far away.
At the reception I took a secluded seat. I never
really liked to mingle and I decided to just
observe from a distance. I saw lots of old
faces that made me smile. It was really good
seeing their happy faces again. But a face I
would never forget was Ella’s. I had a major
crush on Ella for 2 sessions and a semester,
until she and Osas started dating shortly
before we all graduated. Ella never
reciprocated the feelings and it was difficult
to open up to her. She’s a beautiful fair
skinned lady and very decent. She was into
crafts: She made beads, shoes, bags and
cloths. She carved out a name for herself on
I was so pleased to see everyone smiling and
having a good time. I was busy with my
phone and next thing, I looked up and I saw
coming my way. My heart beat began to
accelerate faster as she approached me. She
had a smile on
and I knew I was in trouble. She pulled out a
seat on my table and sat down, she then said.
“Look who we have here… Mr Loner. You
haven’t really changed have you?”
I said. “Hi Ella, so good to see you.”
She then said. “oh adeoluwa The guy I
liked so much but never had the balls to walk
up to me.”
I said. “Wait…You don’t mean it.”
She said. “You never knew I liked you? Why
did you think I was always in your cla*s
with Chioma?”
I then said. “Oh my God… But you ended up
dating Osas now?”
She then said. “You are pathetic adeoluwa . If
you knew how long I came around your cla*s
hoping you would act. You know, I knew you
have always
been serious minded, focused and very
dedicated. You were not just man enough.”
I then said to her. “Are you still with Osas?”
She said. “Osas and I broke up during service
year, he wasn’t serious at all.” I the said. “Is it
too late, Ella?”
She laughed and shook her head. Adeoluwa
are still pathetic. You haven’t changed but
it’s still cute though.”
I then asked her. “How about your craft
business?” She said. “It’s doing well, I use my
house for now
but I really need a place because sometimes I
get large orders and no space to work. I am
thinking of getting a job so I can save up to
get a place for my business.”
I then said. “Okay…. Ella, I know I messed up
in the past. I am sorry about that, I was very
and immature. I have really changed, trust me
on this.
I have always admired you, always patronize
your crafts even though I never needed them.
There’s nobody you are seeing, please
consider me. I am begging you.”…
To Be Continued…

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