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It was already 9:45am
before we got to atan. I
went straight to agbara
motor park and I found
out that the bus on turn
was still empty. “Chai!,
shey na here devil wan take
catch me?” I
entered the bus and started
praying that
passengers should come on
time. I sat down for
10mins and there was no
passenger yet. I
began to feel hungry and I
started looking
around like “someone wey
miss road” if I could
get something to eat. I
observed for 5mins
before I saw a gala seller
and a soft drink seller
through the side mirror
coming from behind
the bus that I was sitting. I
stopped them and I
bought 2galas with
1lacasera. I was munching
my gala and was sending
the signal into the
tommy with my chilled
lacassera. Still the only
person in the bus and it was
becoming boring
already. I thought of what to
do for a while
because I was tired of
listening to music. then it
came to my mind that I
should check Ogechi’s
number if it’s on whatsapp.
I quickly saved the number
and went straight to
whatsapp to check her
under contact. Wao!
Ogechi was online on
whatsapp. I went
straight to check her display
picture. She was
looking so beautiful in a
blue alarchi trousers
on a yellow slimfitted polo
ralph. Chai! Dis Owerri girl
fine o. I went straight to
check out her status
and it was encouraging “I
would soon get over
you #sad ”. I was like what
could be the meaning
of the status, “abi she just
experienced a
heartbreak just like me?” #
lol . I decided to
appear as a comforter.
I quickly went straight to
change my picture to
where I was looking very
handsome than the
present one before I
messaged her. She replied
my message almost
immediately I messaged
her which could mean two
things. Either she is a
boring type or I’m just the
only friend online for
her as at the moment. We
started chatting
while i introduced myself as
the stubborn
Ayoola that kept her
company in the car from
Imo State some hours
ago. I also asked if she
has gotten to her destination e.t.c.
I was so carried away by the
chat that I didn’t
know when the bus was
full. I just heard the
driver kicking while we got
going. From the back
where I was seated, I
sighted a cool pretty girl
right beside the driver
which was even prettier
than Ogechi. “Chai, na so
fine girls dey travel
for morning?”. I wished to
speak with her but
there was no way to do that
due to distance
factor so I just locked up,
plugged in my
headset, listening to music
and chatting with
Ogechi at the same time.
We got to agbara in 20mins
after. Though
agbara is not far from atan
but the bad road
could make an amateur
driver spend 2hours on
the road. As we got to
agbara, the driver
announced that he would
be taking the
industrial estate to Garage. I
started shouting
from the back that I would
be dropping at
NESTLE. When the driver got
to my bus-stop he
stopped and asked me to
come down. As I
dropped and was still trying
to pay for the
transport, I noticed that
someone was also
dropping from the front but
I was like “wetin concern me”. I paid the driver and
noticed that it was d  pretty girl
that came down, I quickly
paid so that I could
walk faster to meet her but
before I could
package myself she has
stopped a bike and off
she zoomed. Yeepa! “Moti
gor rami”. #lol. Don’t
call me ashewo o… Blame it
on Conji…

Readers; You guys should pls bear with me, i knw that the stories are coming up late, but pls don't worry; we wil always get better....! Just that i have been chooked up with activities.

Watch out for the next part......
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