[Story] LOVE AND VIRGINITY Episode 15

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I grabbed unto her Bosom and I began to suck
her Tips. She then said. “Oh adeoluwa ,
hasn’t been anybody else apart from you. No
one has touched me and no one will but you.
Take me adeoluwa ”
I was unbuttoning my shirt and she was
pulling her bum shorts… We were Unclad and
kissing, catching up from where we stopped
years ago. I then inserted into her, she
moaned. She was so wet and creamy. That
feeling, that same feeling, everything was
coming back to me. We made love not s*x, it
was love. When we were done she said. “Oh
adeoluwa , you released in me again.”
I then said. “Oh sh*t, I am sorry.”
She then laughed and said. “It’s okay, I am
safe. My ovulation had pa*sed.”
We both laid down on our backs in silence.
She then broke the silence and said. “Is she
more beautiful?”
I then said. “Come on Tope. Please.”
She said. “Is she better than me? Does she
satisfy you like the way I do?”
I said. “I am afraid, I can’t answer you.”
She then asked. “Do you still love me?”
I said. “I can never stop loving you Tope.”
She said. “Then why can’t you marry me?”
I then said. “My family and her family are
already involved.”
She said, “I love you with my life, and I
understand you have moved on. I cannot ask
you to leave her for me.I want to ask you one
Question adeoluwa . Will you choose to marry
lady you love or a lady you are trying to
I then said. “If I am left with that choose I will
choose you. But I told you, our families are
already involved.”
She then said. “Am I not worth fighting for?”
I became bewildered and completely helpless.
I couldn’t answer her question. so we slept
off. In the middle of the night she woke me up
by sucking my manly, I was completely lured
and ignited. Overwhelmed by the flame of
pa*sion I grew. She then posed in a doggy
position and her bum was just right in front
of me. I stood to mount on her and rammed
into her till we were both wasted.
The following morning, I left for home.
Unfortunately I met Ella at my place, she was
seated in the sitting room and my mom was
comforting her. She was in tears. My mom
then asked me. “Where are you coming from
Adeoluwa ? Your chairman said you guys
last night”
I said. “A friend of mine was having a party
so I had to attend.”
My mom then said. “Is that why you switched
off your phones adeoluwa ?”
I told her. “My batteries ran down.”
My mom then said to Ella. “You see
everything is fine, I told you.”
To Be Continued…
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