[Story] High school Saga Episode 1

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The day has finally come, the count down was from months to weeks, now it's just a few days away. Damn!!!,I was filled with happiness when I saw my name boldly written on the paper

Name : Appiah Jones 
Index # : 0020215240
School : Nkwatia Presbyterian Senior High School

I was really excited to get my choice of school, not because my uncle is the Assistant Headmaster,neither am I discouraged that it isn't among the 'A' schools in Ghana or I being the only student from Living God JHS to get Nkwatia Presec.Few days left and I'll be in school, I can't wait.Lying on my bed and thinking of all this excited me, but I was a little afraid because of the rumours I've been hearing about high school and bullying stuff. I felt into a deep sleep. 
The next day I woke up late,that isn't a new thing, waking upat 10 am almost everyday isn't something new to me.I stood up and walked to the kitchen for breakfast,i was surprised not to see my mom there,not even my sister was present. I made myself a cup of tea relax myself on the sofa in the hall.15 minutes later a car drove to the compound,Mom and dad...?,with a trunk and a big sized bag, "Seriously,a trunk? School time is days away" I said to myself. After I've helped them with the things.
"You will be going to school on Thursday" my father said
"What!!! But dad I taught I'll be going on Sunday,thursday is too early, I've not yet prepared" I said
"We know but your uncle called last night and he said closing date will be on Friday"Mom added. 
I said nothing but and went to my room.What am I going to do now,Thursday is tomorrow,i can't go to school that early.not that am complaining.
Thursday come so early, I couldn't even sleep well, contemplating and thinking about what am gonna do at school.We took a VIP bus and hit the road. 
We got to the school at 12 o'clock exactly, went to the administration and uncle Paul made everything easy for us 
But there was only one thing left, one thing I've to say to my parent. And that thing is Goodbye. 

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