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**MAIN STORY CONTINUES******* LABAKE: everything happened after school when I visited my friends in Abuja. ME: hmmmmmm, Go on!!! LABAKE: you didn't even ask of your phone and laptop?
ME:**smiled**, I don't want to receive another slap ni. LABAKE: *** spanked me**** you are not serious. You didn't ask how I got your number? ME: that's true oooo. How did you get it? LaBAKE: when your phone was taken last night, I flashed my number with it before removing your sim card. ME: no wonder!! LABAKE: anyways, this is your phone **opened her back and brought out my blackberry***. ME: what about my laptop? LABAKE: it wasn't in my possession and there is no way I could retrieve it for you. I will give you 50k to get another system. Are you ok with that? ME: **nodded** , its ok, so back to what you were saying, what happened at Abuja? LABAKE: hmmmmmmm. you don't forget things ME: oya jor LABAKE: ** re-adjusted her sitting position***. After school, my friends in abuja who were big babes asked me to come and stay with them in order for them to get a job for me in Abuja ME: I'm listening LABAkE: I never knew they are into sugar daddy runs and prostitution.  ME: so you joined them in the runs? LABAKE: not really, I actually met a guy along the line who wass very rich and wealthy. He showered me with money and material things and I fell in love with him. ME: I'm not surprised **smiled** LABAKE: you are not serious. So, I later found out that he was into online fraud and he forced me into it. ME: how? LABAKE: he made me to act along with his white magas as a lady looking for a husband, so I was always making the phone conversations while he does the keyboard typing. ME: waoh! LABAKE: that's it ME: so how did it get into robbery? LABAKE: after sometimes, yahoo wasn't bring much money again like before and we were getting stranded. ME: so? LABAkE: one of his friend introduced him into robbery. ME: and you joined him? LABAKE: not really ME: so how? LABAKE: he told me about it, I declined at first, and he threatened to kill me because I might expose him ME: interesting LABAKE: so I had no choice to join him in the job since I loved him so much ME: you loved him or his money? LABAKE: na you know that one ooo. ME: **smiled** hmmmmm LABAKE: so, that was how I joined the team. ME: was he among the last night gang?, sorry, team? LABAKE : don't let us go to that extreme please. You only asked about my story and I have said it all. ME: hmmmmmmmmm LABAkE: so dear, how about the parcel? Please where is it? ME: not until you tell me about the rival team. LABAKE: onihaxy!, you have started again ooooooo. Haba!!
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