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***FLASHBACK CONTINUES********* On resuming second semester of our final year, I called labake into my room to have some conversations with her. ME: labake, why are you doing all these to me?.
  LABAkE: what have I done? ME: you know I loved you so much dear. From the day 1 of our relationship, I had never cheated on you with any other girls you know. LABAKE: neither did I, or have you caught me on bed with another man? **raised eyebrow*** ME: I didn't say I caught you with someone LABAKE: so what are u insinuating?. ME: ***drew closer to her on the bed****. Baby You see, I have been trying my best to please you and make you happy even at the price of my own discomfort and pains. LABAKE: you are only doing your responsibility, so what's the hype about? ME: but this days, I explained to you about my financial break-down but you aren't bearing with me as if I hadn't been trying before. LABAKE: what do you mean by "not bearing with you?". Did I break up with you?, did I deny you in public that you weren't my boyfriend?, did I sex starved you?, give me answers please. **straight face*** ME: I knew you didn't do any of those things you mentioned. But...... LABAKE: but what oooooooooo?, answer me!! ME: *sobbing** but you have been hanging out with some other guys and men, you put a password on your phone which you never did before, you don't tell me about your movements again. LABAKE: is that all? ME: those are the ones I could remember LABAKE: so because I hanged out with people means I'm fuccking them abi **yelled** ME: I didn't say that LABAKE: so because I'm dating you now, I should start throwing stones at any guy who wants to make friends with me? ME: I didn't say that ma LaBAKE: so because you can't provide for my needs anymore?, I should reject money offer from people who cares? ME: *****sobbing***** LABAkE: common dear ME: ******tears dropping***** LABAKE: **drew closer and wiped my tears**** baby, don't take this too far and don't be sick because of rumours, it might result into high BP for you. I loved you so much and its a fact you and I cannot deny.  ME: **sobbing continues** LABAKE: I understand and knew that you had tried a lot for me in the time past, the fact that I'm still dating you even till now that u aren't financially boyant again should give you an assurance that I still love you ***pecked me*** ME: if you truly love me, why the sudden change in attitude since my financial break down. LaBAkE: baby, I didn't change attitude. You have known me right from start that I'm expensive and classy, everyone on campus knew me to be fashion freak, and everything was courtesy of you. Now that you aren't there to compliment it anymore, should I start wearing rags so that everyone will start laughing at you and I? ME: ****silence**** LABAkE: I told you earlier that I don't accept money or items from people because I knew my guy is capable. But this is the period I need money most. ME: what for? LaBAKE: project things, new wears, a laptop, etc. And you know quite alright that my parents are too old to afford all those things. The only thing they could provide is my school fee and that's all. ME: **sad face*** so what is going on now? LaBAKE: nothing dear, I still love you, I am only using alternatives to sort out my needs. Afterall, people will always glorify you without knowing the needs weren't from you. You should be happy atleast that I am maintaining your praises and dignity on campus. ME: so you mean you weren't dating all those guys and men flocking around you? LaBAkE: trust me onihaxy, they wanted a girlfriend, and I use the avenue to exploit them, when they are fed up of wasting money without getting anything, they are the ones who will run away and avoid me at the end. ME: but you didn't tell me all these things earlier LABAkE: when you wouldn't be patient to listen to me.  ME: so you mean you never had sex with any of them? LaBAKE: I swear I didn't. Trust me. ME: what about the weekend travels you have been doing for the past 2 months. LABAKE: all those ones na rumours, if I wasn't at home in the weekend, its either I was with my friends or I travelled home. ME: and why aren't you informing me about the travels? LaBAKE: you might not listen or believe I wanted to travel. ME: ***took a deep breath*****. She drew mw closer, we hugged and kissed which led to a pre-intimacy that ended with a 3 rounds of sex in missionary, canine, and reversed cowgirl positions respectively.  About a month later, something else happened......................................
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