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*******STORY LINE***************** After the departure of labake and her gang after the robbery, I managed to stand up and sit down. I flashed back to the incident and I was asking my self questions. "Was that my own labake that I dated for 3years?, armed robber?, how come?". I began to wonder how they
found me?, what was special about the parcel they were asking for?, how do they got to know I have a parcel to deliver?, why did they emphasised on parcel?. Did labake actually slapped me?. I began to ask questions and no one was with me to provide answers, everything seems to be like a dream to me.  I remembered labake saying there was no parcel in my room. "But I came home with this thing?" . I stood up and picked my bag, I removed everything left inside of it and the parcel was no where to be found. No phone to communicate my girlfriend to ask her maybe I left it in her place..  Till 8am, I couldn't got out of my room, I was so scared and my room was smelling urine. When I heard the voices of my neighbours, it was then I had the courage to come out. I went to meet my neighbours to relate my last night experience to them and I was surprised to realize that I was the only person robbed. Even my next apartment neighbour said he never heard any sound or voice all through the operation. I was baffled.  I borrowed phone from one of my neighbour who has 2 phones, and I inserted my into it to call my girlfriend but her number wasn't reachable. What is going on?, friday was public holiday (May 1st) and I wasn't going to work. About 2 minutes after trying Adenike's number and it wasn't reachable, a text message came in from an unknown number. "Incase you found your sim at your entrance, call me immediately on this line for your own safety, if you try any funny by involving a 3rd party, YoU WILL BE DEAD". I was so scared, what have I done wrong?, who could this be?. I checked my account balance and I had N133.22 on my phone. I decided to dial the number out of fear. ME: hello FEMALE VOICE: onihaxy, its me.  ME: ***i had goose pimples immediately****I recognised the voice instantly as labake's own.  FEMALE VOICE: I was the one who dropped your sim at your door entrance. ME: **still trembling***. Ok ma FEMALE VOICE: thank your creator that you didn't succeeded in mentioning my name last night before I shut you up with a slap, you would have been a dead man by now. ME: thanks ma. FEMALE VOICE: don't use Ma for me abeg. Meet me at alagbaka round- about and 11am on dot. If you still want to be alive, don't be late for a seconds, don't involve or inform anyone and you should not try anything funny, otherwise, only one bullet will make your relative patronise a coffin seller. For your information, my surveillance is monitoring you at every seconds. ***hanged up****** I was shivering seriously after the call, what did I do wrong?, is labake trying to set me up?, should I trust her?, should I involve the police?, but if I should do so, how do I go about it?, what if this people are monitoring me?. I summoned the courage, put on my cloths, at 10am that I came out of my room, none of my neighbours was around, there was no one I could deliver a message to. I dashed out of the house and proceeded to the venue where I will meet labake.............

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