[Story] Dangers Of Blood Covenant Episode 5

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Dangers Of Blood Covenant. Episode 5.
one fateful day something happened, Kate came
to our house wearing her shots aswell, she said
something fell
into her eyes that i should look straight into her
eyes to help her remove it, and i was about to
help her remove it,
so i grab her face, looking directly inside her
eyes but i found nothing, i told her quickly that
am not seeing
anything in her eyes, she smiled and said that
she wanted me to touch her face, she held me
on my waist, her body was
very cold like ice-block, we started starring at
each other as-if we are acting a movie,
she started removing my clothes, i was just
standing and
looking at her, she removed my shirt and she
pulled my trouser, i was wearing only my boxas,
she now pushed me to the
bed, she removed her own clothes and was
about to climb the bed, all my body was so
strong, i was already in the mood,
she now climbed the bed wearing only her inner
wears, in my heart i was already having a
picture of me and her having 5ex,
i never remembered anything about the
covenant, the devil took away my mind and i
forgot everything,
she now brought her mouth closer to kiss me,
immediately something like a heavy stone
struck my heart and i shouted....
Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i quickly jumped up from the
bed, and i wore my clothes immediately, Kate
was very surprised,
she said maybe am not a man, a real and
complete man cannot resist this, she said
maybe i dont have a man-hood, she
was very angry with me, she picked up her
things and left.
This was how i would have killed myself, i was
very thankful to God, i picked up my phone and
called Joy, i did not
tell her what happened, i only asked her how
she was doing, she told me that she is fine but
there is a very big
problem in her family.
She said that her father cannot afford a house
rent, so they have finally packed from the City
to their Village, thats
the first sad news, and the second one is that
someone is asking for her hand in marriage, she
said that the man seeking
to Marry her is a very rich man and due to the
poor state of her family, everybody was telling
her to marry the young man
because he will be Like Jesus to them and he
will deliver them from poverty, her father said
she must marry the man, her
mother supported and the man in question is
begging and very serious to marry her once she
agreed to.
I told her never to concur to what they are
saying, she said she would have agreed if not
for the blood covenant,
the problem she is facing in the hand of her
parents is much, i told her never to give up that
i must surely come
for her.
Joy is facing a very big problem in that village,
while am in school facing another bigger
problem, am seeing many
bad things happening in school, i have feelings
for some ladies but because of the covenant, i
cannot talk to any of
them, the urge to flexing around with friends
was much on me.
It was a week after, i met Kate in one of the
classroom, she told me that she dont like what i
did to her, she promised me
that she will show me the order side of her, i
never knew kate was planning evil against me,
she was a member of a cult
in the campus, they are known as The Black
Its a female cult, it was one of my friend that
told me that kate is among the Black Lioness
Girls Cult.
I became afraid and went and begged her to
forgive me, she said that forgiveness is a sin in
their cult, she said she must
pay me back.
Oneday when i was coming back from evening
lectures, some group of ladies gathered me and
forced me to follow them, i followed
them to a nearby bush, they are twelve in
number. they took me to the bush and all of
them were wearing Black clothe.
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