[Story] Most wanted maid Episode 3

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The arrival of Sonia gladdened
Angela heart. She was
delighted. Sonia on her own part played not only the
role of
a maid. She felt much
comfortable around her madam; she just took Angela as
her elder sister.
Sonia took charge of the household chores. She took
charge of preparing the
meals. She even offered to
wash the clothes instead of taking them to the dry cleaner.
She was in desperate need for money to support
mother’s failing health. She was able to finish her
school but couldn’t go further to higher institutions because
of lack of finance. So, since then, she has been
looking for
money through any possible
means inorder to keep living and support her mother
who was always sick.
David bumped into Sonia as he
hurried out of his room with
his briefcase. He was getting
late for work.She fell down as
his body brushed her. “Oh.i am sorry. get up, give me
your hand” David reached for
her hand to help get her up
from the ground.
“Good morning sir.I was
actually coming to tell you that your breakfast is ready” She
announced as she got up from the ground.
“I don’t think i can still have
breakfast. I have to attend an
important meeting this
morning and i am running out of time. Where is your
madam?” David was in a hurry.
“She is still sleeping” Sonia replied. She had a way of
talking that made her
outstanding. Talking slowly
and pronouncing every word to the end. David made to Angela’s room to notice her of his
leaving because of an
important meeting.
As David drove,he thought
within himself how Sonia handles the house duties as if
she was actually a member of
the family. She was in good
terms with both husband and
wife. Angela had been right
about bringing her in,he thought.
The door bell rang.Sonia was
the only one at home. Angela
has gone to her shop. David was away in his office.
She wondered who might be at the
“Who is there?”she asked
standing close to the door.
“It’s me o”A voice said from
“who?”Sonia asked again.
“Soni you can’t recognise my
voice ni?
Sonia smiled and opened the
door.She knew it was Bisi, due
to the way she asked her the last question.
She had told Bisi where she
now lives.
Bisi her dear friend
had no choice than to come
and visit her there since she
knew Sonia was always home alone when her employers leave
for work.
“Soni you are enjoying here o. you are really
here” Bisi said.
“That’s what you think. but you are wrong my dear”Sonia
defended herself.
“hmmmm,soni,if i were in your
shoes,i would be very very
happy o”Bisi said as she
glanced around the compound.
“Why do you say so?”Sonia
Bisi smile and held her friend.
“You are my friend and i won’t
hide anything from you. If i were you, i would get
close to your madam’s husband. you know what i mean” Bisi
her eyeballs.
“Do you know what you are
saying?”Sonia was calm
“You are very pretty my dear,and that is a great
asset.your mother needs money for her drugs and
we know too well that you are a young woman who
wishes to make money like others. this is your
chance”Bisi said as if she knew exactly what she was
Sonia was quiet. she was actually thinking about it.
“But be careful to avoid your madam’s suspicions.
She is a woman and will understand every step you
take. I have to go before they meet me here”Bisi
said and left.
Sonia pondered this in her heart.Bisi has been a friend for long.They had suffered together and so share so many things in common,despite the fact that they both hailed from different places.
She remembered Ebere who had called her up to take the job as a maid.Ebere had told her that she will have a discussion with her in four days time and nobody should know about it.She wondered what the kind lady might have for her.
“Bisi my dear friend.you may be right but i haven’t got that kind of heart”she soliloquied as she watched Bisi walk lazily out of the compound
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