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***MAIN STORY CONTINUES********* "Follow me". Who are you? "Labake sent me". I was so scared, but I took the courage to follow her,  "what ever I do or say, just be silent" I nodded in agreement and went into the reception with her. The receptionist welcomed us and we both replied. UNKNOWN
LaDY: I and my husband need a room pls. ME: ***husband!!! "Shocked" RECEPTIONIST: normal room or executive? UNKNOWN LADY: normal single room. RECEPTIONIST: ****fills in the receipt*** what is the name? UNKNOWN LADY: Mr and miss johnson. ME: ***johnson?. Scared*** RECEPTIONIST: here is the key to your room. Room 56. She paid the money and took the receipt with the key. , we climbed upstairs to room 56 and I was shocked but I just took the courage to follow her. She opened the room, we sat down on the bed and she made a call on her phone. All I could hear was "yes, he is here, room 56". I asked her about the call, the change of name and the couple drama she acted at the reception but she replied that my guest will explain better. She asked if I will take anything and I said NO. I picked my phone to call Adenike but her number was still unreachable, I began to be afraid if anything hadn't happened to her. 6minutes later, someone knocked on the door, the unknown lady opened the door and labake came inside. On seeing her, I was scared and it was as if the ground should open. The unknown girl excused us and I was left in the room with labake. She wore a blue round neck top and a tight long jeans trouser. She sat down beside me and I adjusted a little bit away from her as my heart was beating heavily.  LABAKE: onihaxy, why are you running away from me, I can't harm you my love. ME: uncomfortable. "Yes ma". LABAKE: **drew closer and placed her hands on my shoulder***. Don't call me MA, I am still your baby. You see, I was suprised to see you last night after 4years, infact you need to know how happy I was. ME: **stammering**, happy? And you slapped me? LABAKE: **laughed out loud***. I'm so sorry my dear, but which one would you prefer, a gun trigger to silence you for ever or a slap that silenced you for a while and prevented you from death?. ME: *** chuckles*****. LABAKE: once again, I'm so sorry dear, I only did that to save your life. ME: so why am I here?, I'm scared please. LaBaKE: scared of what? ME: of everything. I don't know what you want from me, I don't understand the parcel issue and I don't understand the whole drama that happened today. LABAKE: ***laughed again****. You see, let me start from today's scenerio.  My team knows and recognises you and if they see you and I together, you will be tagged a threat and intruder and the bad news is that "you will be Killed". If our rival team also sight you and I together, you are not safe also and you might be killed. All I did today was to save your life once again. ME: **shocked and amazed****. Who are you?, who is your team?, who is the rival team? And why are you all after me? And why are you into robbery?. LABAKE: **patted me on my shoulder** my love, I will give you detailed explanations later but the most important thing right now is the parcel and I knew quite alright that the parcel is with you. Baby pls tell me, where did you keep it?.

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