[Story] Ella Episode 3

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Episode 3
We Just kept looking at each other’s
eyes, for the first time, i looked at him
without turning my face away. He had
really innocent eyes, his gaze was pure
and directed, he barely blinked. For
once, i noticed his pink thin lips, they
looked so lovely. A part of me wanted to
suck on them. He wasnt staring at my
eyes anymore, his gaze was directed
towards my lips, and sometimes he
would stare down my cleavage. His eyes
made me flutter inside. I felt weak and
vulnerable. He moved his hands to my
cheeks, gently brushing them. Cold
shivers ran down my spine. I felt sweet
and guilty inside. He pulled me closer
and brought his face closer to mine. I
closed my eyes as our lips touched. I
felt my heart going numb. His kiss was
passionate and slow, tasting every inch
of my lips. I was scared to death, but i
knew I did not want this to end. . It was
my first kiss, something I dream of
every night. Suddenly, he pulled his lips
away from mine, got up and started
apologising profusely ” I’m sorry Ella, i
didn’t mean to do that, i was just
carried away, i didn’t mean it please.
Don’t be offended”. i stood up, feeling a
little disappointed. I didn’t want the kiss
to end. I grabbed his shirt, pulled him
closer to him and burried my lips inside
his. I could tell he was a little startled,
even my own boldness surprised me. He
held my by the waist as I ate away at
his lips. I felt his hand going down
towards my butt, my anxiety increased,
so did my desire. My heart began to
race. He grabbed my butt and squeezed.
I have never felt anything like this
before. I began to moan lightly as I
pressed my bosoms against his chest.
Suddenly, someone shouted from the
window, ” children of Satan! I have
caught you today”.
To be continued..
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