[Story] Dangers of Blood covenant Episode 6

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Dangers Of Blood Covenant. Episode 6.
Oneday when i was coming back from evening
lectures, some group of ladies gathered me and
forced me to follow them, i followed
them to a nearby bush, they are twelve in
number. they took me to the bush and all of
them were wearing Black clothes.
When we got to the bush, the twelve ladies
pulled their clothes and was wearing only their
singlet and pants, they now told me
that i insulted one of their member Kate, they
said i pushed her to the wall and today is my
payback day. They now told me that
i must sleep with all of them or else they will
kill me.
Oh! my God, i started crying and pleading with
them to forgive me, they said that forgiveness
is a sin and mercy is an abomination,
the first lady came, she pulled her clothe and
was totally Nak.ed, she now asked me to have
5ex with her immediately and i must release
spe.rm on her before i can be able to switch to
the next lady.
This is a serious case, if i do it i will die, if i
dont do it i will die, so i decided to do it so that
before i die i can actually
tell Joy what really happened and i will beg God
to forgive me then when i die, i will go to
heaven, but what if i die in the process
of sleeping with twelve ladies, i know it cannot
be possible to have 5ex with them all, the worst
part of it is that they gave me a command
that i must release sper.m on each of them.
so as i was drawing nearer to the first lady so
that i will start with her, all of a sudden, i heard
a sound coming towards that direction
where we are, the sound was like that of police
men and it was coming to that direction.
[weeeeew weeeew weeeew weeeew weeeew
weeeew weeeew weeeew weeeeeew] this was
the sound, immediately the girls took off,
they all ran away leaving only me in that place,
as they were all gone, the police motor just
passed and it didn't stop, they are just
passing and not that they are coming to that
place where we are, as the motor just passed, i
pick up my things and i took off, my two
legs was touching my back and my heart was
beating so heavily.
This was how God saved me from the hand of
those cult girls that nearly ended my life, when
i got to my lodge, i told zacky what happened,
told me that i was very lucky, he told me a
story of how those girls killed a guy with that
same method, the story goes like this.
There a boy called chumek, one evening he was
coming back from his girlfriend house, it
happens that the guy called his girlfriend on
and told her that he will come to her house in
the evening for 5ex, the girlfriend agreed and in
the evening chumek went and drank a medicine
called "Super 5ex", the medicine can make
someone's man-hood to stand for 4hours
without going down, so chumek went and drank
it, then when he
got to the girlfriend's house in the evening,
behold the girl was not around, and his man-
hood have already stood up and if he did not
have 5ex
that evening, something dangerous might
happen to his man-hood, so when he waited for
the girlfriend and she didn't come back, he
called her
on phone but her number was switched off, so
he decided to go out and look for a lady to
have 5ex with by all means, when he got
outside, he
met a lady and wanted to have 5ex with the
lady, she refused and finally chumek rapped the
lady in an empty classroom. [some people will
that its not possible for a single man to r.ape a
lady but its 100 percent possible]
so after rapping the lady, chumek never knew
that the lady is a member of The Black Lioness
Girls Cult.
Later the girls caught chumek, took him to a
bush and commanded him to sleep with them
all, check tried and slept with 4 of them, he was
in the
fifth one when he slumped and died.
After zacky told me this story, i became afraid
and i knew that my life is in danger.

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