[Story] Dangers of Blood Covenant Episode 4

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*Dangers Of Blood Covenant. Episode 4.*

After The blood covenant with Joy, when i came back home that very day, i was very happy that we did it finally, its now that i know that Joy
truly love me and she can never leave me, my mind was relaxed and my spirit was at peace.
The next day i met Joy in school, she smiled at me and said that God have Join us together with Love but she said she is afraid of the
covenant we made, i told her never to be afraid that i will always be by her side and i will protect her.

Everybody in school knew Joy as my girlfriend even the teachers, if you look for her trouble, that means you are looking for my trouble aswell.
Many people call us husband and wife, they see it as joke but they don't know that we already had a covenant.

After one year, we graduated from secondary school and now planning to enter into university, Joy parents had no money to train her in the University, so they suggested she should go and learn handwork, i told her never to worry that everything will be fine, i will go to university for the benefit of both of us.

Joy later agreed to go and learn hair dresser. After some few months, i got an admission to university, my love Joy was so happy for me.
On the day i will vacate to school, she called me and gave me a ring, she said i should be using the ring to remember her, she prayed for me and asked God to help me.
School is not really easy, it is a place where you meet different kind of people, i have a strong believe that i will not break my oath with Joy.
Finally i vacated to school, in school i met a guy called zacky, he was a very Good friend of mine, we live like brothers but zacky love chasing after ladies, he can never do without ladies, he changes them like clothe, he jump from one lady to another, oneday i called him and asked him why he is jumping from one lady to another, he told me that this is the only opportunity he have to do it, after here no more, he said he dont want school to pass through him, rather he will pass through school.

Sometimes Zacky will bring his girlfriend in our room, they will be playing and making
love in my presence but all i could say is this....How i wish Joy is here with me."
Zacky noticed that i dont toil with ladies, i always stay on my own, he called me oneday and asked me why i dont want to associate with any lady, i told him that i dont need any of them, he laughed and said that i should not worry because oneday i must surely need one.

Oh! this ladies in our lodge wont stop seducing me with their dressing, they wear shorts and
some can even wear pants and walk outside, they are not ashamed, they are really tempting me.
There is this girl in our lodge that my mind always beat for, her name is Kate, she normally
come close to me, oneday she asked me this question saying.......Jude Do you have a girlfriend here in campus"?
This question turned my head upside down, had it been  she asked me if i have a girlfriend, i will answer yes, but she included "Here in campus".

So i answered and said.."I have a girlfriend but not in this campus".
She now asked me out and said....."Can i be your girlfriend?"
i was quiet for a moment, i think this is devil trying to put sand in my food.
i replied and said No i already have a girlfriend, she said ok lets just be ordinary friend.
This is my first time of seeing a lady proposing to a man.
Me and Kate became more close, we are acting as boyfriend and girlfriend but we are not,
Kate love wearing shots, and mini gown, and anytime she want to talk to me, she will either put her chest on my body or she will hold my shoulder.

She have been a very big temptation to me and i dont know how to cut this our friendship off because i already have a blood covenant with Joy.
One fateful day something happened, Kate came to our house wearing her shots as well, she said something fell into her eyes that i should look straight into her eyes to help her remove it, and i was about to help her remove it.

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