[Story] Dangers Of blood covenant Episode 8

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Dangers Of Blood Covenant
Episode 8
After i escaped the second trap from kate and
her group, i started hiding myself,
i wanted to join a cult so that i could actually
fight back, but zacky my friend
asked me not to do so, later i reported the case
to the school authority, they
investigated the matter and Kate was arrested
with some of the ladies, this was
how i became free and i continued with my
I spent four years in school and i graduated,
after my graduation, i furthered my
education and i completed my masters, so
finally i spent 6years in school.
I got an employment in one of the biggest
company in my state and its now time for
me to go and get married.
I lost my phone when i was in the university
and i lost all my contacts including Joy's
own, i cannot locate joy and i dont know her
village, i went to the place where they were
living before in the city but nobody in that
compound could actually give me Joy's
contact number.
I became worried but with the help of God, i
finally got her address and i went straight to
her village.
Joy is now 28 years old and am 30years old, we
were in the same class in secondary school,
she rejected more than 7 men that came to
marry her, and at last am here for her.
When i got to her place, i saw her, although she
was already getting old in my eyes but
because of the covenant we had, i still love her,
she was a courageous woman, she did not
give up, she waited for me and i cannot
disappoint her.
so i met her parents and told them that i want
to marry Joy, they were very happy and we all
agreed with one mind.
The next day, me and joy struck into a serious
discussion, i told her the story of kate and
her group, i told her how they wanted to rape
me and how they set me up but God delivered
from their hands. she was very happy with me.
She told me her own story of how her parents
was disturbing her to go and marry, she told
that she is waiting for someone whom God have
chosen for her to marry, she told me how men
were disturbing her and how she managed to
escape them all.
After the discussion, we planned on how to go
for blood test the next day.
It was around 8am in the morning, Joy came to
my house and we went to a nearby clinic for
blood a
test, we spent 4 hours and finally the result was
out. when i checked the result, behold My
was [AS] and when Joy checked her own it was
[AS] also, the doctor advised us not to marry,
they said
that we cannot marry because our genotype
does not match, had it been am AA, then i can
marry AS.
This was the biggest problem i have
encountered in my life, Joy burst out in tears,
she was crying like
a baby, i took her home, when we got home, i
told her that there is nothing we can do about
the only option is for us to break the covenant,
she got angry with me and she said that she
break the covenant, after waiting for over six
years, rejected all the men that came to marry
me and now
you are telling me to this story, you must marry
me weather Good or bad. [Joy said]
This was the first Danger.
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