[Story] LOVE AND VIRGINITY Episode 16

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My mom then said to Ella. “You see
everything is fine, I told you.”
I then went to my room and Ella followed. I
had to pretend to be happy with her to erase
the doubts she was having, so we played
board games and watched TV. When it was
dark I dropped her off and came back home.
I was going to my room and my mom called
me. She said. “I gave birth to you, I nurtured
you, I took you to the best schools in the
country. I made you you got the best job a
graduate can have. I have always looked out
for your interest. I am your mother and I have
been good to you since the day you were
born. Now adeoluwa , tell me the truth. What
going on?”
At that moment I knew I couldn’t keep it
within me. I told me mom. I told her
everything that happened. She then said. “I
am totally disappointed in you. I brought you
up well, only for you to be bewitched by that
girl. I blame your father for making you serve
in Kogi state. Now adeoluwa , you will take
to where you are housing them.”
I sad. “Now? It’s late mom.”
She said. “Now adeoluwa . And who else
about this? ”
I said. “Nobody just us.”
She then said. “It is going to remain that
Her driver then took us to Tope’s apartment. I
knocked and Tope opened the door and said.
“Sweety, I was just …….”
My mom said. “Who is your sweety?”
Tope was scared to her teeth and she said.
“Sorry mummy, I didn’t see..”
My Mom said. “Don’t call me mummy. You
mother disowned you because of your
We all stepped into the apartment. My mom
then said. “Do you know who I am?”
Tope said. “No ma”
My mom sad. “I am a Judge in Lagos. I can
make life very complicated for you if yo try to
destroy what I have spent almost all the years
of me life to build.”
Next thing Junior walked into the sitting room
and cried out. “mummy, mummy…” He stood
still as he saw the crowed.
My mom saw him and said. “Oh my God,
Adeoluwa !!” As she held my hand tight.
There was silence for a minute. Then my mom
said. “The deed has been done, but if you
truly love my son you will have to let him go. I
was very angry but now I don’t have to show
it because of him. He is innocent and does
not have to suffer from your recklessness. I
will make arrangements for you 2 to relocate
to the UK. That is were you will spend the rest
of your lives. You will have to get your
educational doc*ments and necessary
doc*ments for that effect. Tomorrow, you will
leave for Abuja and you both will stay there
till your visas are ready.”
Tope was just sobbing and didn’t utter a
word. My mom then said. “My personal
a*sistant will come tomorrow morning to
facilitate the arrangements. This is the best I
can do not for you, but for him adeoluwa you
have 2 minutes, I will be waiting in the car.”
She left for the car and I stood there looking
at Tope. I then said. “I fought for us Tope and
now see what it has led? I don’t think I will
ever see you again. Good bye Tope.” I then
looked at Junior, I carried him one last time,
kissed his cheek and blessed him. I dropped
him down and headed to the car.
We got home and no word was uttered
between my mom and I. The following
morning I went to work and resumed my my
life the way it was before I went to see Tope
at Kogi. I knew I would learn to love Ella but I
can’t love her the way I loved Tope. But I later
came to understand that what transpired
between Tope and I was lust, lust was the
basis of our friendship and what reshaped our
destinies. Love builds but lust destroys.
Tope lives happily in London, she got enrolled
in the university and she’s almost done.
Junior is almost done with his primary
education, he loves football and likes to play
drums. Ella and I are happily married and we
have a daughter, she’s 2 years and she looks
a whole lot like my mom. Tope and I still
communicate once in a while. She still vows
to wait for me no matter how long it takes. I
know what happened was a mistake and it
still remains a secret but for how long?
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