[Story] Ella Episode 2

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chapter 2
The three of us eventually walked to a
secluded part of the church. It was a
building under construction. It would
serve as accomodation for the parish
priest once it is completed. I have never
been inside the building before, i only
see it from a distance. It was quite neat
inside, not as littered with nails and
plank as i would have thought. The
planks were neatly arranged on pieces
of blocks to form a kind of bench, it
was as if it was a regular meeting point.
I sat down comfortably, on one of the
make shift benches, Ehis sat beside me.
And Ruth sat on a different bench, st the
other end of the room. She immediately
brought out her phone and started
playing temple run. Ehis focused all his
attention on me, he communicated in a
way that made me feel more
comfortable with him. That was the day
i got to know that he too was a student
at uniben. He told me a lot about
himself, and was genuinely interested in
me. He asked about my family, and why
he has never seen me around after
practice. I managed to find words to
explain my parents attitude to him, and
how much i missed going out. He
understood how boring my life was.
After much talking and encouraging me,
Ehis told me i wasn’t the only one with
strict parents. He assured me that his
parents were once like that, but he
found a way to cope. He told me he
could help me handle my parents.
There was a long pause in our
conversation, all the while i was looking
at the floor. Ehis moved alittle closer,
held my hand with one hand, and began
to speak in a gentle and captivating
voice. “Ella, you are the most beautiful
girl I have ever known, i think about you
everyday, but i have never had the
chance to tell you how i really feel about
you” he pulled my chin, looked straight
into my eyes, and whispered softly ”
Ella, i love you” i felt as if my heart was
going to burst, it was beating so fast.
No one has ever told me that before.
The whole world stoped before my very
eyes. I couldn’t say anything, i didn’t
even know what to say. I just know that
i spend my night thinking about him too,
he didn’t seem like the “wolf” my mum
described. I was so lost in my own
thoughts, i barely noticed when he
brought his phone out, typed in
something, and put it back in his
pocket. I was still lost in my thoughts
and fantasies when Ruth’s phone
buzzed from the other side of the
building. She sprang up from her sit,
and told me she was going to ease
herself. When she left, it suddenly don
on me that Ehis and i where all alone in
that uncompleted building. I became a
little scared inside. Today would be a
day that changed my whole world.
To be continued……
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