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   EPISODE 5&6

***FLASH BACK CONTINUES********* At the beginning of 2nd semester, labake finally agreed to date me. I was so happy and excited. The joy in me knew no bond as it was my first intimate relationship. I
so much love labake to the extent that I became a dummy to her. Labake was a pretty lady whose beauty was attracting men and guyz towards her and I tried all my best to maintain her standards in the little way I could. At first, she wasn't a demanding type, it had always been the normal recharge cards and eatery stuffs. Week after week, our union was waxing stronger. Most times when we are in my house, all we do is to hug, kiss and rest our body on each other, there was no sex for the first month because I was shy to make the move despite the fact that she do sleep overnight in my place most times. We sometimes chat dirty and she tell me things from her past, I lied to her that I had dated 2 girls in the past and I framed up sexcapades. On the second month, I took the courage and advanced our intimacy to touching and rubbing her tummy, gradually to unveiling her breasts and handling it which she sometimes resist. On our first day of sexual intimacy, we met in school earlier that day and she told me she would visit me in the evening. I got home earlier, purchased cooking ingredients. I had the determination of fuccking dat day after watching a lot of indecency and reading sex magazines in the time past. Labake arrived at past 6pm, she helped me with the stew preparations, she cooked rice and finished the whole cooking at few minutes to 8pm., we ate the food and sat on the bed to watch movies on my laptop. Labake lied on my chest pressing her boobs on me. I could feel the sensation of her bosoms on my chest. I placed my left hand on her back, inserted my hand under her blouse and smooching and caressing her back gently by moving my palms up and down under the blouse. gently, moving slowly to the side of her bosoms, using my palms and fingers to caress her. When I noticed she has started to moan softly, I change my technique from palm to the tip of my finger. The moaning was increasing gradually as she stopped watching the movie, turned her head towards me and facing me with her eyes closed.. On seeing this, I had a feelings inside of me that I'm making progress. I locked my lips in her mouth and gave her a romantic kiss, she responded by returning it, she held my head in her arms and pulling my tongue into her mouth. I drew her closer and continued my movement on her back and stylishly un-hooking her bra straps. I succeeded in doing that while still kissing her. I removed my hand from her back and inserted it underneath the blouse from the front I raised up the blouse and moved my hands upward to her belly-button then finally arrived at the mighty boobs. I made a slow movement with my middle fingers around her Tips, lifted up the blouse above the breast level and then squeezed the exposed boobs and her Tips as gently as possible and her moaning was increasing as she was bitting my tongue. I moved my head downward from her mouth and kissing the sides of her neck while doing my magic with my fingers on the tips. I could feel her heart-beat increase and her breathing became more intense. My lips located her right Tips and sucked it passionately whlie handling the second Tip. my dick was gaining velocity as I was sucking. I moved my hands down to her short jeans skirt, placed my hand on her thigh and giving it a killer caress. I raised up her skirt to reveal her blue half pant. I started to pull up her skirt slowly,her bosom was still out of her bra and in my mouth. I placed my hand on her pants and working magic on the trimmed forest. I parted her pants side ways and locate her pusssy while I resumed kissing her lips. "Chaiiiii! Labake is damn wet." I located her clit, inserted my fingers as she was jerking without any resistance, after 3minutes of finger fuccking, I decided to try mouth action and I took the courage to switch over. I pulled out her pants completely , patted her legs and bury my tongue in the hole, as a novice, I was just painting everywhere around the hole and labake was moaning randomly, when I got to the clit, she held my held close and clipped it with her legs. I said to myself, "that must be the central right button". I concentrated on the clit and I noticed her jerking and her tones were unique and intense. Along the line, more juice flowed out of the hole and I resumed on the breast. I noticed the movement of her hands on my jeans, she unhooked it, pulled it down and held my erected dick. She was stroking it and whispered "do you want me to suck you?", I will love it "I replied"  She moved her head downward, I felt a sweet sensation as she licked the top of my dick, it was a smooth soft feelings. She inserted the dick in her mouth and oscillating her mouth on it, and pulling off my trouser completely. I was enjoying it and handling her breast at the same time, she stopped after some minutes, I mounted on her and inserted my dick in her hole without umbrella. As it was my first time, I was doing it as seen on indecency videos. She was moaning and pressing her leg on my back. "Don't pour inside me ooo" she said and I replied "ok dear". I fuccked misionary for like 4minutes and I felt a sweet heavenly feelings at one point, before I knew it, I felt something pouring out of me. She pushed me away and said. "Didn't I warn you not to pour it inside!". I'm sorry dear, I was carried away I replied. She then said. "Go and get postinor for me pls". Thanks to my bad friends who had discussed postinor related gist around me before, so I knew its work. I went to a nearby chemist and bought 2 doses and returned with it. She took 2 tablets before we slept, she took the remaining 2 tablets in the next morning after 3 rounds of overnight sex sessions.  That marked the beginning of my sexual relations with labake............
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