[Story] Dangers Of Blood Covenant Episode 3

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*Dangers Of Blood Covenant. Episode 3*

I was still in my room thinking of how to go about making a blood covenant with Joy, i never told her about it, i dont really know how to tell her and what if i tell her and she refused.
Another spirit ministered to my mind and instructed me to go ahead and tell her.
I now started my plans to do the blood covenant with her, the main reason why i wanted to covenant her is because i dont want to cheat on her and i dont want her to cheat on me too. So i quickly rushed outside and i bought a razor, and a white handkerchief, my mind was so strong to do the covenant, i never thought of any negative effect because i
know that i must keep it up with her till we get married.

After two days, i called Joy and told her that we will go to somewhere tomorrow, a very important place, a place where nobody will see us, a place where there will be no noise, a place where gentle breeze will stream into our hearts.
she promise that she will come to my house so that we will go to the place together.
The next day, she came out, looking so gorgeous and succulent, and i took her away to a very far distance where nobody was seeing us, the place was just like a paradise, there are different kinds of trees and we were enjoying the breeze from the trees and it seems we are in a honeymoon.

After we enjoyed our self gistting and playing with each other, i now told her that i have a very important thing that
made me to bring her here, she was smiling and i told her to stop smiling, i told her to be serious because what am about to tell her is very serious and not a joke.
she was calm and i began to speak to her heart, i was not talking to her ordinarily but i was talking directly to her her heart.
I asked her if she truly love me and she said yes, and i asked her again saying......"How can you prove to me that you love me"
she now come close to me and kissed me, and she said....."The kiss is my prove to show you that i really love you".

I now told her that, kiss is too small to show how-much you love me, kissing me dose not mean you love me, someone who pretends to love me can still kiss me, and in the bible it was recorded that Judas is carriort betrayed Jesus with a kiss, so my dear kiss is not love.
These words broke her heart and she started crying, she was crying and i was crying aswell, she now ask me saying....
......"Please what can i do to show you that i really love you?"
i started crying even more and more because what am about to tell her is too heavy for me to say it out.
She asked me the second time saying......"Jude please what can i do to show you that i really love you"?

i now encouraged myself, i cleaned my tears and asked her to clean her own tears, after she cleaned her own, i now brought out a razor and a white handkerchief, and i said...."The razor in my hand represents blood and the white handkerchief represents True Love, i will injure my self with this razor and blood will flow out of my hand, you will now leak the blood
and you will aswell injure your self with the razor and blood will come out of your hand, i will leak it also, this means
that we will love each other till death and nothing shall separate us".

After telling her this, she became afraid and she said no that she cannot do it, i now said......"if you cannot do it, that simply means that you do not love me, it means that you cannot die for me, it means that you are not my love and you are not my wife to be, it means that i can never love any woman in my life again, it means that you want me dead".
Joy burst into tears again, i now brought out the razor, i gave it to her and asked her to use it on her body so that blood will come out, she was crying and she collected the razor and held it and was still crying, with my own crying voice i said
to her......"PLssssssss do it.." finally she used the razor and injured one of her finger, i leaked the blood and i injured myself also and she leaked the blood too.

before leaking the blood, we took an oath never to cheat on each other, never to have 5ex with anyone else, never to separate, and to love our self till death and anybody that breaks the agreement should die.
After everything, we went home around 7:pm in the evening.

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