[JOKE OF THE DAY] kenya Vs Nigeria -Very funny!

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The fight on twitter has gone so far that the two countries don't have love for them selfs again.....
              Imagine Nigerians calling someone "Charcoal" Kikikikikikikik aahahahahahaha Nigerians will never change ni.......but wait ooooO.. the bible said "We all are from God's Image" buh wen u look at Kenyans.... you will be falsed to ask "whose image are They???? "............." Naija for life Jooor.....   we nor dey gree carry last now... trust Naija for life.....
           Read Nigerians tweet ....mm

In the beginning, God saw a Kenyan and declared let there be light   #KenyaVsNigeria

Kenyans will be insulting Nigeria anyhow, they don't know Dangote or Mike Adenuga can just get angry and buy their country.

To switch your twitter application to Night Mode, Simply follow three kenyans.

Someone said Kenyans have to bleach to look like Ghanaians. I'm not crying. Sand entered my eye #KenyaVsNigeria

Kenyans are the reason why Africa is still viewed as a Dark continent #nigeriavskenya

Kenyans are so so black, they can be used to darken a black board🌚 #nigeriavskenya

wonder if Kenyan people have shadow #nigeriavskenya

what's up with the Kenyan flag looking like a native doctors Complementary card #

Only Kenyans need bleaching cream to be as fair as charcoal.

Kenyans are the descendants of Cain's burnt offering that God rejected #nigeriavskenya #KenyaVsNigeria

TEACHER : What is an Eclipse ?.. AKPOS : It is a sign that the kenyan Ancestors are waving at us from the sky. #kenyaVsNigeria

This killed me - "You shoot a Kenyan, the bullet comes back and asks for flashlight #KenyaVsNigeria"

You can say I'm Mad.. You can Curse me. I won't get angry. But if you call me a Kenyan.. Greatest insult of all time. #KenyavsNigeria

The only Mineral Resource Kenya has is the Gold they won in the Olympics #KenyavsNigeria

What Nigerians are doing to Kenyans has deviated from our cultural part. We're taught to always respect the less-privileged #KenyaVsNigeria

Kenyan women are so black,
Even their breast milk looks like crude oil.
JESUS!!!!!!! "
 The sweat of a kenyan can serve as Engine Oil. #KenyaVSNigeria"

In U.S: Hollywood
In India: Bollywood
In  Nigeria: Nollywood
In Kenya: Firewood

#Pack 10 kenyas in a bus, and the bus be looking like its tinted. #KenyaVsNigeria

Heard a king in Kenya is referred to as "HIS ROYAL DARKNESS"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #KenyaVsNigeria

Though Ghanians are black like darkness, but Kenyans are still ancestors to them, Kenyans are black like used engine oil #kenyavsnigeria

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